The single titled Versos Vagabundos. It will be released on Sep 22. The song was inspired by the rich rhythm of the Colombian Pasillo and Bambuco, and the intricate Blues-rock of artist like Bishop Briggs and Welshly Arms. Versos Vagabundos was recorded at Ar&co Studios and was produced by Cid Branko and Carlos Peña himself.


"Versos Vagabundos is a song of heroism because it recognizes the human drama of overcoming difficulties in the pursuit of improving, changing and moving forward. Also, the struggle that we humans have to carry every day to understand the chaos of reality in order to, somehow, tame it a bit for our own sake", says Carlos Peña. "At the same time, it is a song that criticizes the trend of fake values that distract us from going deeper into knowing ourselves in greater depth".



The Colombian retro-folk musician, and stunning solo performer, Carlos Pena has announced his single titled Vida Peregrina, will be released on April 28th. The song was inspired by Trova Cubana, and the intricate folk-rock of Carole King. Vida Peregrina was recorded at Ar&co Studios and was produced by David García 

“Writing for Vida Peregrina was the antidote that helped me break through my doubt and fears about my future and the meaning of my actions in a turbulent moment of my life,” says Peña. “It’s almost like I was saying to myself, ‘Hey, don't give up, keep going, don't lose your faith in yourself and what you are doing,  That’s the kind of song I wanted to make the most; a song that can help giving you a new sense of hope.”